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This is CODETUNES, a blog by MONTERAIL, a Ruby on Rails development team.


UX Wrocław’s refresh

After almost nine months since the last event, another UX Wrocław event took place last week.

UX Wrocław is an initiative curated by CHI Polska association; its goal is to unite and share knowledge between Wrocław’s UX community through presenting various case studies and interviews as well as initiating discussions and promoting good solutions...

UX of teamwork

Everyday there are questions to be asked

Back-end and front-end developers, PMs, UX and UI designers — we use and we make technology. This business inevitably experiences ebbs and flows giving us new highs and lows; as a result, we sometimes lose sight of the most important technology that will ever exist — teamwork. And the most important factor...

Revisit your basics

3 ways how elementary things can help you

I once asked a friend if he could teach me how to play the guitar. He had been interested in music for a few years and knew his stuff; I had just bought my first instrument.

I sucked at it.

It wasn’t that hard to play. Apart from getting to know the picking and the chords, I just had to move my fingers...

Where are all the female developers and why RailsGirls matters?

Have you ever thought that programming workshops targeted at females are awkward? That forcing women to program feels unnatural? Perhaps the reason that there aren’t many women in IT is simple: maybe most women just aren’t that interested in it? After all, those who are passionate about programming will find a way inside, right?

I know where you...

Review your code with GitHub Code Review

Your code sucks.

It might be hard to believe, so please stop reading for just a minute and go find some of your old code. No, seriously. Do it. I’ll wait.

You’re back? Good. Now tell me, what do you think about that code? I know. It’s bad. Right now you’d certainly write it in a completely different and better way. And I believe you. The problem...