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This is CODETUNES, a blog by MONTERAIL, a Ruby on Rails development team.


Setting up a Rails development environment on OS X using Docker

Tymon Tobolski

Written by Tymon Tobolski on in rails docker

One of our designers wanted to make some changes to our job offer page. At first it seemed trivial - just change some HTML inside a rails app. Then we realised that we would need to setup the whole development environment on his Mac. With the help of homebrew this didn’t sound like a challenge at all. But then it came to my mind that this might be...

Elixir blog in 15 minutes using Phoenix framework - Step by Step

I suppose everyone can recall blog posts about building your own blog in 15 minutes with Ruby on Rails. Building a simple blog post page with Rails was as easy as writing hello world in any other language. Nowadays, however, there are more and more articles about Elixir and it looks like the Ruby world has started to fall in love with Elixir. Because...

Angular non-trivial performance hints

Is Angular really that slow?

I read many opinions that AngularJS is a framework for creating slow frontend applications. Authorities on the topic provide numerous arguments about this and I mostly agree with them. This is particularly true when compared to other frameworks like react.js.

The thing is, there are hundreds of developers complaining...

Front-trends 2015


These days, being a front-end developer isn’t easy. The time when our work was mostly writing HTML, CSS and some jQuery is long over. Hardly a month passes without a new JavaScript framework, new tools to ease our work, new template engines, new preprocessors, you name it. Is this bad? Well, in some ways it is, but this is more a side...

The story of Angular watchers toggler directive


We recently had new clients come to us. They had an application, written in AngularJS, with hard performance issues and heard that we could help them improve it without rewriting half (or more) of the code. I’d like to share the story and solution of one of the problems we encountered. I learned a lot and hope that this post will help people...

6 Tips for a Responsive Angular Application

As a web developer, there inevitably comes a time when we have to add responsiveness to an application. I’ve found some solutions that may help you. Some of them are pretty basic, but I hope you find them to be helpful.

PS. Every example below is written in CoffeeScript, SASS or SLIM.

1. Media queries

This is the simplest solution that everybody...

Running a scientific circle

I don’t know if you knew this, but we run a scientific circle at the Wrocław University of Technology. It all started last summer. We were talking about the number of students who go through higher education not really realising that their career doesn’t have to center around being a Java or C++ programmer in a large corporation.

Not that there...

wroc_love.rb – another solid year

Over the weekend of March 13th–15th, Wrocław hosted another edition of wroc_love.rb – the best Java PHP conference in the Ruby world. Ruby is our life and our love, so showing up here was a no brainer – twelve people from Monterail enjoyed great talks at the Institute of Computer Science. This is short summary of the talks that I enjoyed most.