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This is CODETUNES, a blog by MONTERAIL, a Ruby on Rails development team. CODETUNES

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Deployment setup for JRuby Rails app with Puma, Mina and Monit


Recently, I had my first real experience with deploying a (small) web application. I had to perform a pretty wide research and torture some experienced people with handling the difficulties. I gained knowledge that I consider worth sharing. Let me describe configuration of deployment stack and scripts created for the aforementioned...

101 to commit message

So you are a young developer. You are close to or have already finished your studies and decided to get your first job. You will start working in a team - that’s the main difference between the job which you will be paid for and projects made at home or ones for educational purposes. A team will consist of two or probably more people (we at Monterail...

Turning summertime into Summer of Code

This summer, I spent a wonderful 2 months at Monterail. I’ve been asked to share my overall impression about my time spent there working on an open source project. It was an experience that changed how I view my skills. It helped me believe that I can, so I would like to share with you about how I felt and how I benefited from this experience more...

EuRuKo 2015

EuRuKo 2015

This year, EuRuKo was hosted in Salzburg, Austria. We haven’t been to a Rails or Ruby conference since wroc_love.rb and we were pumped to go there! I’ll just remind you, that the previous EuRuKo was canceled for political reasons and to secure the safety of attendees.

Keynote by Yukihiro Matsumoto

Matz started with some history behind...

Agile resource planning: How to start a new project next Monday

Problems we’ve had

We cannot predict the future.

This is what makes our lives exciting, but it could be also very annoying when you’re forced to make a decision without sufficient information.

As an average-sized web-development agency, we strongly depend on our customers and their needs, both of which we cannot control.

How many new projects...

Setting up a Rails development environment on OS X using Docker

Tymon Tobolski

Written by Tymon Tobolski on in rails docker

One of our designers wanted to make some changes to our job offer page. At first it seemed trivial - just change some HTML inside a rails app. Then we realised that we would need to setup the whole development environment on his Mac. With the help of homebrew this didn’t sound like a challenge at all. But then it came to my mind that this might be...

Elixir blog in 15 minutes using Phoenix framework - Step by Step

I suppose everyone can recall blog posts about building your own blog in 15 minutes with Ruby on Rails. Building a simple blog post page with Rails was as easy as writing hello world in any other language. Nowadays, however, there are more and more articles about Elixir and it looks like the Ruby world has started to fall in love with Elixir. Because...

Angular non-trivial performance hints

Is Angular really that slow?

I read many opinions that AngularJS is a framework for creating slow frontend applications. Authorities on the topic provide numerous arguments about this and I mostly agree with them. This is particularly true when compared to other frameworks like react.js.

The thing is, there are hundreds of developers complaining...